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OOO "Torgovij dom "Zhitomirskie lasoshchi"
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History of Enterprise OOO "Torgovij dom "Zhitomirskie lasoshchi"

Official history of the enterprise begins since May 11, 1944.

The Zhytomyr executive committee of regional council adopted the resolution on creation in the confectionery city of Zhytomyr. The modern enterprise the old mill which was the only three-storeyed building which remained in the city after war stood still.

On May 20, 1944 the first lot of products of the only thing at that time of a pryanikovy tsekha.z change was let out the shop developed up to 130 kg of gingerbreads, cookies, ship's biscuits. stamped products the glasses brought from the house. products were baked in ovens - as at home. the finished goods generally went to the front, and also in orphanages and hospitals.

In 1945 began building of biscuit and caramel shop, candy and drazheyno-marmalade.
  • for 1945 ukrkonditertrest approved the plan of production for factory: caramel - 100 tons, soft candies - 50 tons, cookies and gingerbreads - 350 tons, only 500 tons! for comparison: in 1991 the factory turned out such quantity of products in 4 days.

    The first radical reconstruction was made in 1958 that allowed to reach production volume to 4970 tons of confectionery a year. The factory let out the glazed and not glazed candies, caramel, cookies, fruit jelly, a dragee.

    The second reconstruction was in 1968-70. 2 candy shops were created, reconstructed caramel, biscuit and wafer, drazheyno-marmalade.

    By the beginning of the 70th years the factory let out up to 12000 tons per year, and the number of working was reached by 800 factory, chelovek.nachiny since 1973, turns out products with the state quality mark, it all darlings and on this: "Pigeon's milk", "Arrow", "Little squirrel", "Meteorite", "Red poppy".

    In the 80th years there is a creation of powerful transporto-warehouse economy, systems of unpacked transportation of reception and giving to shops of main types of raw materials, finished goods, updating of systems power - and vodosnabzheniya.eto gave the chance to make up to 30000 tons per year.

    Crisis of a transition period painfully struck the enterprise. since 1992 production falling begins. the system of planned deliveries and sale collapsed, economic and economic communications tore, consumer ability of the population fell.

    The first that it was made privatization of the enterprise v1992 to year. the factory was renamed into the rent enterprise "Zhytomyr Confectionery", on August 24, 1993 the factory was redeemed from the state, and all workers who were working in 1991-1993, made the contribution became owners.

    The factory was renamed into Zhytomyr Lasoshch closed joint stock company. new conditions of the market forced to change strategy and tactics of production. experts and heads of closed joint stock company offered a maximum of efforts for overcoming of crisis on production: the control system is improved, the service of marketing, a distribution network, a network of company shops is created, the computerization of all systems is carried out.

    In 2000 investments of the foreign company "Kobisko Union" were attracted that gave the chance to put the production klestral lines in N6 shop, the ultramodern line of production of wafers of "Haas" in N3 shop, "Khakas" on production of chocolates in N1 and N5 shops.

    The park of cars in caramel shop onovitsya significantly that gave the chance more than three times to increase the volume of the let-out caramel.

    In N6 shop the equipment of the Italian firm "Lazer" for preparation of the test and molding pechenya.s introduction to a system of this line entered a system the factory began to let out 18 tons per day of sugar cookies and 12 tons of long.

    Since 2000 the staff of factory began to increase actively outputs, returning former glory of the Zhytomyr koditer. novelties are entered into the range, there is a continuous search of original decisions.

    During the period from 2000 to 2004 the factory increased the volume of sweet production more than twice. for these years types which became the business card of residents of Zhytomyr were created, namely:
    chocolates in the form of sea cockleshells with a praline stuffing "The Belgian imaginations", the Golden Ring cookies, wafers "Master", "Rolls", chocolates in the form of heart, horseshoes, money of "love of good luck of wealth". Grandmother's Fairy Tales candies became the real hit of sales and remain such and on nowadays.

    Technologists developed a new class of caramel - soft with chewing marmalade stuffings: "Karmeladka", "Cheerful jellyfishes", "Chewing", with a stuffing "Pigeon's milk" - "Kiss", with Shokoladik chocolate. 2004 was complete with result of 36404 tons and all permanently quality production that is confirmed by the numerous awards and distinctions received at competitions.

    2005 Year landmark for CJSC Zhitomirski lasoshchi collective.

    Since April installation of three new lines will begin that will increase volume the let-out factory of production, by 30%!

    Sweet teeth of Ukraine, and also fans tasty of 16 more countries where production of CJSC Zhitomirskiye lasoshchi is exported can be sure that the Zhytomyr confectioners will not be tired to please them all with new and new types of candies, cookies, wafers, caramel!


Historical reports of company OOO "Torgovij dom "Zhitomirskie lasoshchi".